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"Gayle Ritt. Listen to her music. Enjoy her art. Consider yourself fortunate that she is interested in something you have to offer. Why? A few adjectives that come to mind to describe my experiences working with Gayle and listening to her music: Passionate, Talented, Positive, Smart, Kind, Compassionate, Generous, Bright, Approachable, Genuine, Honest, Fun, Forthright, True, Real, Strong and Deeply Creative. She has been a creative force and active supporter of the arts in our community. We are very fortunate and honored to be the recipient of Gayle's many creative contributions."

- Michael Brown, City Manager, City of Hillsboro

"Gayle Ritt is an extremely talented singer, songwriter and performer who brings passion and energy to every performance. In addition to her artistic abilities, Gayle understands success never comes without strong commitment and hard work. Her passion for the arts is contagious and she is always willing to share her love of music and talent in any way possible within and outside of her community. Gayle is a person who believes in giving back and making a difference where she lives and works and is a mentor to artists around her."

- Former Mayor Jerry Willey & Judy Willey, City of Hillsboro

"I first met Gayle when she was a stellar publicist in Chicago, pitching guests for my morning news show... little did I know at the time that Gayle was a star herself until one day she slipped me her CD. As soon as I heard it, I knew she had to perform live on my show. Her music is as brilliant and vibrant as she is."

- Neil Woulfe, Former Senior Executive Producer - FOX Chicago News


Join Gayle in 2017 as she celebrates the 100th Anniversary of the National Parks with a collection of shows throughout the US showcasing original music and favorites from her albums, National Anthem performances and a collection of classic patriotic and traditional tunes celebrating the Land of the Free. The adventure kicks off, Saturday - February 4th at the ORENCO WOODS PARK + NATURE TRAILS - OPENING CELEBRATION Details below!


There is no cover charge at any of these shows unless posted.

Decades of shows in amazing venues around the US.

Fri 2/3/17 - Pizzario - Hillsboro, OR - 7:30 -10:30 pm - Always great times and special guests! Mike Soto will be sitting in and look forward to seeing everyone! Come early. Stay late. All Ages.

Sat 2/4/17 - /// GAYLE X TRAIL /// ORENCO WOODS PARK + NATURE TRAILS - OPENING CELEBRATION - Hillsboro, OR -- Will be singing to celebrate this beautiful new park in Hillsboro from 11:45 - 2 pm. Come for the reception and dedication at Noon! All ages.

Sun 2/12/17 - 59th Grammy Awards - Los Angeles, CA Looking forward to the Red Carpet and the most amazing performances! Celebrating 17 years of NARAS Membership and the brilliance of recorded music!

Sat 2/25/17 - BEATLES TRIBUTE at Pizzario! Mike and I will be playing our favorite Beatles Tunes with all of our local musician pals -- Join us as everyone shares their renditions of some of the classic tunes of our time! We're on at 10 -- the night starts at 7 pm. Pizzario - Hillsboro, OR - 7 pm - Midnight - Come early. Stay late. All ages.

Fri 3/17/17 - 23window - JB O'Brien's Pub - Tigard, OR - 4-8 pm - Annual St. Patrick's Day Celebration. Hard to believe it's 8 years running we've been rocking this great bar! Live bagpipes and snares -- delicious corned beef and Irish Bar fare - Guiness + Jameson a flowing! [and even green beer!] Total authentically awesome night on the West Side. 21+

Thu 3/23/17 - The Reserve Vineyards & Golf Club - Aloha, OR 5-8 pm All ages.

Wed 4/12/17 - PRIVATE EVENT: Hillsboro Leadership Lunch - Noon - 1 pm

Fri 4/28/17 - 23window Trio - McMenamins Gearhart Beach Hotel - Gearhart, OR - 7 - 10 pm All ages.

Thu 5/18/17 - 23window Trio - McMenamins Grand Lodge Hotel Forest Grove, OR - 7 - 9 pm All ages.

Wed 5/24/17 - 23window Duo McMenamins Edgefield Hotel - Troutdale, OR 7-9 pm 21+

Sun 11/5/17 - Al's Den at McMenamins Crystal Hotel - Portland, OR 7-10 pm

Mon 11/6/17 - Al's Den at McMenamins Crystal Hotel - Portland, OR 7-10 pm

Tue 11/7/17 - Al's Den at McMenamins Crystal Hotel - Portland, OR 7-10 pm

Wed 11/8/17 - Al's Den at McMenamins Crystal Hotel - Portland, OR 7-10 pm

Thu 11/9/17 - Al's Den at McMenamins Crystal Hotel - Portland, OR 7-10 pm

Fri 11/10/17 - Al's Den at McMenamins Crystal Hotel - Portland, OR 7-10 pm

Sat 11/11/17 - Al's Den at McMenamins Crystal Hotel - Portland, OR 7-10 pm

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