Gayle Ritt: Production

"Gayle Ritt was hired in April of 2002 as Creed's Tour Press & Radio Liaison for the 2002 Weathered tour. She came highly recommended and exceeded all standards and expectations during her tenure on the tour. At all times, Gayle conducted herself in a porfessional and courteous manner. She is motivated, enthusiastic and acutely focused on achieving goals set forth. Gayle comes recommended by my partner, Jeff Hanson and I, the personal managers of Creed. Please feel free to contact either of us directly with any questions." - Jeff Cameron

From working a 50 city US tour as the Press Liaison for the band Creed (Weathered Tour) to working as a catering assistant and a runner at the Staples Center for Neederlander Concerts, Gayle has worked production for many years. Her ability to do "whatever it takes" has made her an asset for production managers, tour managers and building personnel. Knowing she will get the job done with the utmost professionalism is why she gets the calls.

Her experience is varied and she can jump in to any situation. Past experience includes:

  • Advancing and supervising on-site press, radio promotions and VIP logistics, working as the liaison between: band, management, tour management, record label, radio, media, fans, VIP's and building and facilities personnel.
  • Managing a variance of radio promotions, on-site and pre-arranged press and radio relations, interviews, call-ins, tags, meet and greets, fly-away's, contest winners and photo shoots.
  • Serving as the representative for band to radio executives, stations, DJ's, program directors and music directors.
  • Crisis PR and management during cancelled shows.
  • Managing inventory and transit of materials and contest equipment.
  • Mobile daily set-up and break down of press production office and VIP Rooms.
  • Good driving record and ability to find whatever is needed for performers and production crews (runner).
  • Working knowledge of simple audio and sound.